Lets talk about the best Deep Fryers, this review will explain deep fryer choices and the perfect solution for high-volume frying in a commercial environment. The 32 Lb. capacity makes it an ideal choice for a concession stand, snack bar or restaurant.

It is built with a twin-pot design to give the complete convenience of frying two food types without being concerned about cross-contaminating flavors. Plus, the pots have separate controls to easily vary the temperature to match the different food fried.best-deep-fryers

Features You’ll Value for one of the Best Deep Fryers

Wonderful fryer, the Winco EFT-32 is perfect for any commercial establishment and includes plenty of useful features to cook up a wide range of foods. Here are a few of its most useful features:

Twin Well

The Winco EFT-32 Deep Fryer is built with a twin well design to make it really easy to fry several types of food at the same time. Plus, the separate wells mean there is absolutely no risk of the flavor being transferred while cooking.

High capacity

There are a lot that claim to be the best deep fryer but this one has a total 32 lb capacity for both sides and the option to include up to 8 liters of oil in each side. This is more than enough oil to perfectly cook a wide range of fried food.

Solidly built

The Winco deep fryer is solidly built in rust-resistant stainless steel to give long term durability and performance. For greater comfort in use, they fryer has easy to remove fry baskets with grip handles for better control and comfort while in use.

Control unit

The temperature is easily adjusted using the built-in thermostat control to tailor the heat to match the specific type of fried food. The two wells are entirely independent, so the temperature can be turned up high on one and low on the other.

Ease to clean

The Winco EFT-32 Deep Fryer is built in stainless steel which makes it relatively easy to clean and maintain after each use. Plus, the fry wells are removable for extra cleaning convenience. The quick clean up and ease of use makes it a highly practical option for the fast-paced food establishment.


Easy to clean and maintain
Simple controls to operate
Solid stainless steel construction
Removable power heads and fry wells for easy cleaning
Useful safety handles for fry baskets
Independent temperature control for each well


Fry basket handles can twist when lifting heavy items like chicken


Fast and efficient, the Winco EFT-32 Deep Fryer is a wonderful dual fryer that will sit well in any commercial establishment. It is easy to use and clean and works on electric (no gas hookup). The baskets are sized in the region of 9.45 x 7.48 x 5.51 to easily cook chicken or similar delicious fried food.

The two wells are designed to be entirely independent, so it is possible to cook up several different foods at once without being concerned about contaminating the flavor in one side or the other. Overall, the Winco EFT-32 is a great fryer with plenty of positives that certainly outweigh any negative points it may have.